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Water Treatment

Even when the two thirds of the earth’s surface are covered by water, safe drinking water is still found to be a dream in many places. 75% of human body is simply water, so it is evident that how lifesaving or vital safe drinking water is for human life. Drinking water is scarce because in order to make a water in to drinking water, it needs to be well treated, no matter what the source is. Surface water, river water, sea water, water from wells, recycled water or water from municipality supply shows different characteristics, different mineral and impurities level.

These are generally called Raw water and which will often have too much hardness, excessive deposit of minerals, wide range of contaminants such as suspended solids, organics, and dangerous metals such as manganese, iron, lead and arsenic. All of this must be removed or regulated before using it, and also must ensure that it is adhering to all sort of quality standards set for various uses by the health authorities and government departments.

Turner & Miller have a team of highly experienced and resourceful engineers and chemists who are well versed in consulting and providing the best in class water and wastewater treatment solutions to clients across UAE. By merging our proficient workmanship, quality processes and hard work, we are able to build the perfect water treatment plant, with the best of balance between cost effectiveness and unmatched quality.

We offer :

  • Raw Water Pre-Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Condensate Recovery Systems
  • Water Recycling / Replenishment
  • Waste Water Treatment

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