Surveillance Solutions
At Turner and Miller, we understand the importance of security and as such we provide state of the art CCTV camera solutions for monitoring your premises. Our security camera surveillance system solutions can give detailed video footage of the incidents and events to investigate with stable and reliable IP based CCTV systems which monitors, records and secures your building and premise. 
We analyze the current security situation and security threats of each client and propose for them a proper security monitoring solution, helping them in securing their people, visitors, employees, Guests with proper video keeping and archiving. By integrating your video surveillance with Access control and time attendance, you will be able to extract more value for investment you are making in the various systems and unnecessary redundancy can be avoided.

With IP based CCTV systems, we have the capability to deploy a solution for centralized monitoring where all cameras are deployed across different locations and all controlling and monitoring of all security cameras at branches are done remotely at a central head office. 

Our entire IP based CCTV solution comprises of the following components:

  • Monitoring Cameras : Cameras are the devices which capture the images and videos of an area or an incident. Cameras comprises of lens, sensor mainly. When we select a camera, main things to keep in mind are, if the location is inside or outside, environmental condition of the CCTV installation. Area and angle of required view of the camera, lighting condition, what to see, distance to focus etc. Accordingly, we need to select the cameras types with different sensor, lens and housings. Required Pixel density also can be considered. With different types of cameras ranging from Dome, Bullet, PTZ, Thermal cameras etc, we will find the right solution for you. 
  • Network Connectivity Devices : This part of the IP CCTV system mainly includes, network switches and network cables. Selection network switches depend on the number of cameras, amount of bandwidth in coming in each location. Cables can be selected according to distances, whether it is fiber or copper cables. 
  • Video Management Software (VMS) : This is the brain of any IP based CCTV system, which process the captured data from CCTV cameras. Captured videos are transmitted as digital data through network devices and is given video management software, shortly called as VMS. This CCTV processing software helps to record, monitor, report, integrate CCTV video footage. Lots of analytics features are also available in such CCTV software. Number plate detection software is an example of a module of VMS. Another example can be face detection software module, people counting module etc. Many reporting features and integration features are available in all modern CCTV recording software. 
  • Recording Devices : This is where all processed video footages are archived for future investigation purpose. People use SAN storages, NAS storages, ISCSI storage units depends on the purpose and requirement. Normal NVRs also can be used. Specialized CCTV recording storages are now available in the industry. 
  • Monitoring Tools : Comprises of Client PC or workstation with VMS client software. This is where people access and do investigation on the recorded CCTV footages. 

Were you looking for an integrated surveillance system which offers the above features? Why wait? Send us an inquiry right away!