Public Address System

Public Address system generally referred to a centralized sound amplification, distribution & control system. The main intended application of a PA system is to address a massive audience or to cover wider areas that we cannot satisfy by employing a short range or a conventional audio-speaker system.

A Public Address system is so critical and mandatory in residential buildings / offices / schools / factories / industrial areas / work sites or any other places where people turns out in large numbers. There is a statutory requirement in majority of countries that any structures above 6 stories must have a PA system installed covering entire space in and out, as mean to communicate out any urgent / critical / common information to each and every person occupying the building. PA system proves to be the best and most effective early warning appliance during the course of any unfortunate events occurring inside a building such a break out of fire or a gas leakage, where you want the people to be get evacuated off the affected area as fast as possible and to guide them to a safe zone.

Apart from the above case, the PA system is essential for all venues like school auditoriums, Malls, train / metro / airport / bus terminals as well. In simple terms this Public Address system is required to make voice broadcasts in public, institutional and commercial buildings.

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