CCTV System
The world today is changing and growing at a rapid pace but unfortunately the volume of threats affecting individuals, be it to our homes, facilities, firms or organizations are also growing at a disturbing rate at the same time. Security has become the most crucial and mandatory requirement for all of us, no matter what area we are dealing with.
We at Turner & Miller International provide top class solutions when it comes to the security requirements of our clients. We excel at Digital/Analog Closed Circuit Video surveillance systems which proves to be an excellent effective risk prevention apparatus, it utilizes proven technologies to monitor secured areas, unauthorized activities, theft or criminal damage and personal safety. 
TMI uses a wide selection of surveillance cameras from normal indoor to fully weatherproof and can stream visuals clearly even at nights. We can provide motion detection features in-built cameras, so it can detect even slightest of movement and provide varieties of remote responses to an intrusion.  We can design and instal a system that suits your security and surveillance requirement and integrate it with the other systems like Access Control, etc.

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