LV Cabling & Wiring
TMI has been pioneering in the LV cabling arena for quite some time. We serve all sort of LV cabling requirements in the range up to 3.3KVA throughout the UAE. Our greatest strength lies in our highly competent workforce that are well trained, well equipped and multi-skilled for the smooth and successful execution of cable installations of any scale in the toughest terrains across the region.
We provide complete spectrum of services from cable/wire sizing to installation services for all types of LV electrical cables and of any diameter, offering a total turnkey solution and ensures the perfect Project management using our own dedicated GRC software. When it comes to indoor cabling works, TMI always insist on top quality, high rated electrical components, conduits, channels and bars with stringent compliance to all the industry standards and specifications, we actually hand pick each and every item to ensure the safest and perfect LV implementations.
On the other hand, TMI is well specialized in performing Excavation, backfilling and reinstatement of tiles, concrete, landscaping and roadways, if the cabling is to be laid outdoor.