DataCenter Services
If Structured Cabling installations are the nervous system of your business, Datacenter is the brain of a company. This is the place where the most critical business applications are hosted, run and each and every calculations and processes are taking place.
Today when business requirements have increased like anything and to cater the demand, IT infrastructure have also expanded at a grand scale, which eventually started to make things complex. There is need of more high end hardware, more cables and more distributions now, and all of these have silently led to another big problem, the housing! Yes, it is so critical to securely manage these resources to keep business information safe and to make sure the data remains reliable throughout the lifecycle.
As more extensive and critical the hardware, networks and data distribution have become, the more time and effort are required to provide optimal protection. For that very reason, the concept of data center got introduced. A Datacenter preferably consists of a strong, sturdy building that is systematically constructed to house all the servers, storage devices, switches, cables, and it also have multiple connections to the Internet. In addition, the center also has a large amount of equipments associated with regard to supplying power and redundancy, including centralized cooling and fire extinguishing systems to ensure continuous and optimal workmanship, in fact these items are as vital as the hardware housed inside. A Datacenter has to be well safeguarded against all sort of external influences and provide them with multilevel security as well since there is a lot of powerful hardware laid out in that single space.
Turner & Miller is the one stop shop for all your Datacenter infrastructure solutions and services.  We provide all kinds of Datacenter essential services such as Structured Cabling, Power Distribution systems, UPS, Generator, Cooling Plants, Smoke Detection / Fire Suppression Systems, BMS, Acces Control systems and maintenance services. Stop searching for multiple vendors for doing these works and gets in to unwanted headache of coordination, let us fulfil all your requirements through single window, and understand yourself how quickly and efficiently a datacenter can be rolled out through our integrated services and solutions. 

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