Structured Cabling
Structured Network cabling is simply referred to as the process of pulling and deploying UTP cable of 4 pair for Data/Voice connectivity, keeping it up with international standards and methodologies and terminating it to a central console for uninterrupted data distribution. The whole process comprises using a flexible cabling infrastructure to connect multiple computers, phones and other devices together. Specialized sockets are provided throughout the work area at specified locations, which helps you attach devices easily and it will also add the device to your corporate network automatically. A central termination station named as Server Rack is provided for connecting all these cables from different data points together, which will finally look like a piece of art when it gets commissioned.
Data and voice networks are the actually the nervous system of any organization, through which the business data flows in and out. A well-designed and structured cabling system can help in achieving great network throughput, increased data transfer rates and it will address common workflow issues and network downtime problems effectively.
At Turner & MillerInternational LLC, we deal with all the cabling installations in a systematic way, selecting only the best components and deploying high quality, high grade CAT6 / FO cables and gold plated data terminals to provide enhanced stability and performance. TMI have an exceptional team of network engineers and electricians who make structured cabling a work of art. Our technicians have worked in a variety of structured cabling installations projects, giving us a cutting edge over the competitors. Our experience in CAT 6 / FO Cabling is built on experts who really are experts in fact in their business and have experience comprised from a large number of completed structured cabling projects in Dubai and the UAE. We believe a network is only as good as the infrastructure it’s built on. Whether you are building, relocating or upgrading, structured cabling will act as the key stone for the growth of your organization, we provide you all the service you need. 

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