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Procurement Services

Procurement is one of the most critical activity in Project, right behind Engineering. It is an action at the same time an art of finding & obtaining right materials from various sources at the right price for the project. A systematic procurement process helps to ensure the buyer receives the correct materials as per specification and project requirement, at the best possible price, at the same time ensuring that each and every item procured strictly meets necessary quality requirements and complies with the time and transportation constraints, and ensuring a smooth on time delivery.

The procurement has huge impact on cash flow of the project. For projects with huge quantity requirement of various material required for the project, right planning regarding delivery of material in line with the actual work progression helps in manage the cash flow as well as smooth utilization of the human resources at site. In case material is not available, that too all the material needed for completing the installation in full, the added on costs of returning back to the work face, inability to accelerate the installations when there is an opportunity, etc are some of the issues that can adversely affect the timeline and cost of the project.

Professionally managed procurement services can result in significant returns on investments. If the procurement is handled by an experienced team, it will increase the efficiency of processes which will result in a rise in total productivity and thereby project will progress more smoothly. Expertise in procurement has helped us to establish strategic partnership with key industry associates and supply partners. Despite gaining all these advantages, effective procurement system also ensures definite savings as well as achieving more respect and reputation.

Please browse through our Procurement Services which gives the project new pace.