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Operations & Maintenance

As contractors and clients searching for ways to protect the project investments, expecting the highest equipment efficiency, Operations and Maintenance services for projects are becoming an increasingly critical capacity. By its verbal interpretation, the process simply refers to the act of Operating an equipment as per the product guidelines and best practices, and maintaining it as per manufacturer recommendations in order to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

In the O&M services, the Maintenance part denotes to any support work concerning to an asset, consisting of repairs, replacement of parts and periodic preventive maintenance. The preventive maintenance is essential to ensure that the equipment will continue to work satisfactorily as per the manufacturer specifications, this also helps in reducing numerous day to day repairs arising due to the morbid condition of the inner components due to wear and tear etc. The most interesting thing to notice is that routine maintenance and preventive maintenance are inversely interrelated to each other, quality preventive maintenance means less routine maintenance!

We at Turner & Miller International LLC, are keen on the complexities of your demands and we help you get the best out of your equipments and solutions to meet your requirements. By availing our Operations and Maintenance services, you are choosing freedom to concentrate more on your area of activity rather than becoming stuck up with the overhead of facility and asset maintenance issues. The Operation & Maintenance service provided by Turner & Miller International LLC functions in such a way that we manage all the operations on behalf of you, ensuring optimum efficiency and performance of the equipment and machineries at all times.

We provide Operation & Maintenance service in the following areas:

  • District Cooling Plants
  • Electrical Installations
  • DG Sets
  • UPS Systems
  • District Cooling Plants
  • Water Supply & Sewage Installations
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression
  • Security Systems

Being one of the most recognized face in the MEP Operation & Maintenance service sector in the region, we are able to provide flexible and custom solutions and packages that best fit your firm for all your requirements. We have an outstanding team of professionals who have enormous industry experience to tackle all your assent maintenance requirement, and to take care of the health and continuous functioning of your equipment. Are you looking for an expert team to take care of your Operation & Maintenance requirement? You do not have to go anywhere else. Call us now!