It is very essential to have an aggressive and recursive testing of any infrastructure and implementations to ensure quality standards. It is our promise and we always strive to provide standards a bar higher than that of what a client or consultant has set for a task. We achieve this by using the below tools, testing apparatus.


  • Pressure Testing: To detect and extinguish any possible leaks or pressure drops, we employ exhaustive pressure testing for all the supply lines. We use Rothenberger Hydraulic pressure pump sets capable of providing pressures ranging up to 30 bar, and using Hunter (United States) gauges for measuring pressures with unmatched accuracy.
  • Welding: We use Miller (United States) branded welding machines and ESAB (India) welding rods for high quality, precision welding.
  • HDPE Butt Welding Machine: Turner & Miller uses full set of Hurner (Germany) Butt Welding machines to get precision joining of HDPE pipes.
  • HDPE Electrofusion Welding Machine: All the Electrofusion welding has been preformed with the world class Hurner (Germany) Electrofusion Welding machines to get unmatched results.
  • Pipe Cutting: Makita (United States) handles all our pipe cutting tasks with superlative precision and efficiency.


  • MV Voltage & Current Testing: TMI uses world renown T & R Test Equipments from UK, to test Voltage and Current in High Tension lines.
  • Earth Resistance Testing: TMI uses Chauvin Arnox C.A 6472 & 6474 for quick, comprehensive surveys of all earthing configurations, which provides all the necessary earth measurement functions in a single instrument.
  • Electrical Insulation Resistance Test: We have the complete range of Megger high resistance testing equipments, capable of providing the most accurate and detailed outputs, to serve all our insulation testing purposes at sites.
  • Phase Sequence Tester: Since it is vital to ensure the phases are sequenced strictly in line with the motors’s requirement, we carry comprehensive Phase sequence testing practices by integrating and analyzing the results from both digital and analog testing units.
  • Soil Test: To ensure the strength and quality of a construction, the soil and concrete needs to be tested as per procedures set by Government, building standards and best practices. At TMI, we guarantee the quality of the soil by having all relevant lab tests and other mandatory end level tests as required by each phases.

Turner & Miller International believes that testing is the process which defines any work for its quality, strength and endurance. So it is our commitment to regressively test all our implementations before commissioning which make sure the each and every equipments, systems and services which we rolled out , working perfectly as per the specification and requirements of our clients.