Material Selection services

Turner & Miller International LLC team is well accepted for its equipment selection for the various projects we are involved in. We are known to clients and consultant as a company who works closely with equipment manufacturers to bring in much needed customization, which can brining in results in terms of energy efficiency and other operation and maintenance benefit. Selection of appropriate material helps you create a balance between capital expenditure to operational costs, which ensures an optimum ROI. This is decided based on the project type and looking into our repository of operations and maintenance experience we have gained for the last nearly 35 years in various industries. We reduce the risk of project failure by making the best product available, selecting the most appropriate material thereby eliminating the risk of product failure, improving overall performance and quality of project deployed.

Material selection one of the core and crucial function in the engineering design process. The ability to determine the right products, correct attributes, brand and specifications in line with the project requirements is really a direct indicator which shows how much experienced and adept to technological advancements your MEP partner is.

Turner & Miller International LLC is not a copy paste company. We are always in the look out for new developments in the material and equipment that we use in our projects. We make our comprehensive studies based on sound engineering practices and calculations to find out if the newly offered options are acceptable or not. Turner & Miller International operate a dedicated, highly proactive Material Selection department with highly experienced pool of engineers, mentors and purchase experts who will make sure you have the best and most suitable material for your project. Our product selection experts insist on different tactics for the selection of right materials. One is to execute a type based selection as per design requirements and then narrowing down the search to one that best suits the design, and the second option is to finalize the manufacturing process first and then selecting a material that complies fully with it and to regulate the requirements of design accordingly.

Lack of a systematic material selection procedure catastrophically impacts the design, making it highly vulnerable to a possible unnecessary capital investment to higher energy consumption during operations and worst case breakdown. Taking care of the attributes based on the function, objective and constrains your design, Material Selection ensures that the design is technically right and seamless to deliver the desired performance.

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